Technical Requirements


Git is a version control system that is widely used for software development and other version control tasks. To deploy code to it is necessary to use git.

Further read: Set Up Git

Git Repositories needs read access to your Git repository in order to deploy the code. There are some widely used cloud Git repository services like GitHub, BitBucket and Gitlab. has support for all of them! is capable of using your own hosted Git Repository or on-premises versions of the mentioned Cloud Git repositories. Please check with to connect to these Git Repositories (tldr; If you can send us a Webhook on each push, it's all perfect).

Secure Socket Shell (SSH)

At we use SSH keys to keep our systems secure and access easily revocable. Every user access is tied to a personal SSH RSA Key. The is completley free of static passwords.

SSH consists of two Keys:

  • A private key which must be kept secret by the user at all times
  • A public key stored on the systems, that authenticates each user individually

Further read: Generating a new SSH key