Going Live on amazee.io


To make it as easy as possible for you to get your site pointing to our servers we have dedicated load balancer DNS records. Those technical DNS resource records are used just for getting your site linked to amazee.io infrastructure and serve no other purpose.

Example: <loadbalancer-name>.hosted.on.amazee.io

We strongly suggest to not configure any static IP address in your DNS Zones. Our load balancer infrastructure may change over time which can have impact on your site availability if you configured a static IP address.

Root Domains

Configuring the root domain (e.g. example.com) can be a bit tricky because the DNS specification does not allow to have the root domain pointed to a CNAME entry. Depending on your DNS Provider the record name is different:


amazee.io allows you to point several domains to a single site. We recommend to use just one main domain and redirect the other domains to the main domain. This is better for SEO and easier for you to manage the sites.


You can enable SSL for free on your sites. amazee.io provides you with a free SSL certificate! Get in touch with us to enable this feature on your site support@amazee.io. To make sure that your site is ready to serve traffic via https ensure that following parts are already included via https:

  • Iframes
  • external Javascript libraries
  • external Fonts

As checking every page of your website might get a bit a tedious job you can make use of mixed-content-scan. This will crawl the entire site and give you back Sites that include assets from a non-https site.