rsync into container

This describes how sync files into a running container on OpenShift.

In order for this to work, you need rsync installed inside the container, adapt your Dockerfile accordingly.

If you don't have oc installed yet, please check the installation first.

  1. select the right openshift project with showing first all projects:

      oc projects
  2. select the correct project

      oc project <my-project-name>
  3. run rsync command

      oc rsync </source/directory> $(oc get pod -o go-template --template '{{(index .items 0)}}' --show-all=false -l service=<servicename>):</destination/directory>

The rsync command needs to be adapted to your needs:

  • /source/directory> the directory on your computer you would like to rsync, needs to be a directory. If you omit a trailing slash, the given directory will be created within the destination directory
  • </destination/directory> the directory inside the container were the source folder should be synced to. Important: This directory should be defined as a persistent storage directory in order for the files to exist between deployments
  • <servicename> the name of the service (as defined in .amazeeio.yml) you would like to connect to, can be things like node, nginx, etc.
  • If your service consists of multiple containers, you should also define the container via --container=<containername>

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