Windows uses the newest Docker for Windows version, which is currently in beta. There is an older version of Docker called "Docker Toolbox" which is not supported by Read more here:



Open ConEmu and clone our docker for windows GIT Repo:

git clone

cd into amazeeio-docker-windows

cd amazeeio-docker-windows

Start the shared Docker containers:

docker-compose up -d

Domain Resolving

Unfortunately the nice dnsmasq trick used on OS X and Linux does not work on Windows. So we are forced to define each single Drupal Docker Container you would like to run via the Windows Hosts File.

There is a nice tool called "Hosts File Editor" that you can find and download here:
We suggest to use that.

For each Drupal Docker Container you start, just define it's URL with the IP Address

As a test define this:

IP Address Host Names

Click the tick in front of the IP Address and click "Save".

To test if everything works open your browser at:, if you see a website with "HAProxy Version xxx" you are all set!

SSH keys does all authentifications via SSH keys and no passwords. Some Windows users might already have SSH keys generated (for example via PuttyGen), this is perfectly fine, just follow to generate SSH keys in the OpenSSH format.

Generating SSH keys (if you don't have any yet)

Assuming you do not have SSH Keys on your computer yet, generate a pair via:

"C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\ssh-keygen.exe"

The quotes (" ") are important!

This will generate a keypair in the folder .ssh in your home folder, example: C:\Users\[yourname]\.ssh

Injecting SSH Keys

Run ssh-key-add.cmd from inside the amazeeio-docker-windows folder and pass the full path of the SSH private key you would like to inject into the container.

ssh-key-add.cmd C:\Users\[yourname]\.ssh\id_rsa