Solr Customization

This Documentation covers the legacy System. If you are running on Lagoon please check the: Lagoon Documentation offers the three Solr versions, and provides a default configuration from the search_api_solr module) module for each.

Solr Version Drupal Solr Config/Schema
3.6.2 drupal-4.3-solr-3.x.
5.5.3 drupal-4.4-solr-5.x
6.3.0 drupal-5.2-solr-6.x

Connect Solr Container to Drupal Container

  • If already running, shut down the site's drupal container. WARNING: this will delete your site's container. Usually this is perfectly save to do, as the database is saved in a volume which is not deleted. Creating a database backup is encouraged if the database is very important.

    docker-compose down

  • Update your docker-compose.yml with adding the the solr container, see our example files for each Solr and PHP Version. (Do not miss to add links section under drupal docker service)

  • Start both containers

    docker-compose up -d

  • Solr will be available on solr:8983 ipv4 address within the drupal container. Our environment variables will be filled automatically.

Default Config:

Custom Config:

If you would like to customize your Solr configuration, you can develop and test them in the local development environment. After being satisfied with them, the support team will add them to your hosted sites.

  1. Create the folder amazeeio/solr-conf in your project's root folder (same level of your repo as the docker-compose.yml file.)
  2. Fill the config according to your Solr version from our default configs
  3. In the volumes: section of the solr: container in the docker-compose.yml file, add the entry which will connect your custom config to solr in the container (it should be already there, just uncomment it)

    - ./amazeeio/solr-conf:/solr-conf/conf

  4. Restart your containers with docker-compose restart solr and verify that the Solr container and config is loaded correctly

  5. Change your Solr config according to your needs and restart the container with docker-compose restart solr