Local Docker Customizations

If you need to customize our docker images to add some tools for local development, use these instructions as a guide.

  1. Replace the image section of your docker-compose.yml file with build: .
  2. Create a Dockerfile in the same directory as your docker-compose.yml
    • Begin your Dockerfile with FROM amazeeio/php70-basic
    • Add your commands to make your changes, if you are installing packages, it is helpful to first do a RUN apt-get update in the custom image, so that you can then install packages via apt-get install
    • It is not recommended to have an ENTRYPOINT or CMD, as these would override our scripts that run services like nginx, mariadb, php-fpm, etc.
    • For further help, consult the Dockerfile Reference
  3. Run docker-compose build to build your custom image
  4. Start your site's container as normal using docker-compose up -d

Remember, these customizations are for local development only, we do not run these custom images on our development or production servers.